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tokyo street photography ZINE


Yusuke Nagata / Founder of Tokyo-SPC
Koichi Enomoto / Co-Founder

Pages: 28 pages
Book Size: 8.27″ x 11.69″ (A4)
Publication Date: March 2019
Limited: 1,000 copies
Ships To: Anywhere in the world
Sipping Fee: In Japan ¥500 / Everywhere else ¥1,000


Doing street photography in the night time is a little bit difficult, but really fun especially in Tokyo. Because Tokyo is the city that never sleeps.
And people in Tokyo are becoming more crazy in the night time. We were fascinated with shooting them on the streets.

tokyo street photography ZINE “夜貓族” is the Chinese word which means “nocturnal people”.
Almost all photographs in this ZINE were taken around midnight, that’s the reason why we decided to name our ZINE “夜貓族 – TOKYO NIGHT STORIES”.

We hope you enjoy our ZINE and feel real Tokyo night scenes.

Special Offer! ZINE + Original Cap SET Limited to 100

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